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Rushden Echo, 18th March 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins
Employment of Children Act 1920

Rushden Council Schools – Meeting of the Managers

A meeting of the Rushden Education Sub-Committee was held on Tuesday, present Messrs. J. T. Colson (chairman), John Claridge, J.P., C.C., W. B. Sanders, F. Corby, F. Green, E. Freeman, B. Vorley, and L. Baxter, with Clerk (Mr. A. Mantle).

It was resolved that the committee in future meet at 6.30.

A discussion took place regarding the interpretation of the Employment of Children Act, 1920, in respect of industrial work and beneficial employment. The Chief Attendance and Employment Officer wrote stating that no ruling could be given on the points and that the committee should decide each case on its merits.

It was pointed out that children aged 13 could leave school providing they were to be employed at some class of work, which, while being beneficial to the child, was not of an industrial nature. The committee were agreed that children of 13 could not be allowed to work in any department of a boot factory or boot office.

To enable teachers to attend the demonstrations and lectures at Northampton (Education Week) it was decided to close the schools on Thursday at noon for the week.

A meeting of managers followed, Mr. Colson presiding.

The Clerk reported the temporary appointment of Mrs. A. L. Hale as uncertificated teacher at the Alfred-street Infants’ School.

It was decided that when the schools re-open after Easter, the afternoon session begin at 2 p.m. instead of at 1.30 as at present.

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