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Intermediate School
Annual Exhibition 1931

The Rushden Echo & Argus, 31st July 1931, transcribed by Peter Brown

Rushden School's Exhibition of Work
Scholars' Display at Intermediate School - Clever Efforts by Boys and Girls

The annual exhibition of day school work in connection with the Rushden Intermediate Schools, was held on Wednesday, and the work done by scholars during the past school year was on view. The whole of the articles displayed reflected great credit on the boys and girls and also on the teaching staff for their expert guidance. The various articles showed careful design and construction and were, in addition, well finished and gave but little evidence of being simply the work of young scholars.

A notable feature was the large variety of articles on show. In the girls' section there was some excellently finished needle-work, while articles exhibited by the boys included a cement bird bath with a sundial to fit the top, and oak Jacobean stool, various types of seagrass stools, a clever model of the Moulton Farm Institute buildings, a bricklayers trowel, polished candlesticks and basket work, which before being worked into a basket had to go through the wood-work department of the school.

Another excellent section of the work was the painted wood-work. In all of the sections great skill on the part of the scholars was evident, especially the high polishing which left nothing to be desired. A medicine cupboard on the wood-work table was a work of art, for besides the well-made cabinet and fashioned shelf the doors were decorated in a way that greatly enhanced the beauty of the exhibit.

Looking at the work as it was done by the forms, small children's frocks, loose dresses and pinafores were made by form 1G; fancy needlework, tea cosies, table centres, and cushions, all beautifully embroidered, were the work of form 11G; children's different types of blouses, nightgowns all showed that patience had been exercised by the scholars of form 11 and forms 111 and 111G were the headings for some excellent work by the girls and included tea cosies, felt work and painted wood. The teachers in charge of the work were Mrs Hensman and Miss F. L. Butling, art needlework and basketry, and Mr. W. Gardam, wood-work.


This boat has been rebuilt by Brian Eaton, who would like to make contact with the Gardam Family. He writes to say: In 2000 I bought the hulk of a model boat at an antique toy fair, it is 54" in length and I was told it had writing under the very broken deck. The writing says it was made by a W. GARDAM in 1915 for Bassett Lowke Northampton; it goes on to say some other interesting information. I acquired a Bassett Lowke Catalogue for 1913 where a photo and description of this type of model states that it is a TORPEDO BOAT DESTROYER. I have restored this boat to sailing condition over 14 years and would like to trace any relative of Mr Gardam if possible. Brian has sent these pictures of the boat.

If you can put Brian in contact with the family please email Hearts & Soles website.

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