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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 18th October 1929, transcribed by Jim Hollis.

Two School Fields for Rushden

New Education Centre - Town Sports Ground for Children?

At a meeting of the Rushden Education Sub-Committee on Tuesday, Mr. B. Vorley presiding.

Mr L. Perkins, B.Sc., called attention to the fact that the Rushden Urban Council had decided to initiate a scheme for a through-road from Purvis-road to Irchester-road. He said that there were to be something like 300 houses in that vicinity and that might mean 200 or 300 children from that estate needing a school nearby. The plans for the suggested new road would leave about five acres in the field above Purvis-road and that would be sufficient for a new school and a playing-field. He suggested that the committee pass a resolution, a copy to be forwarded to the Education Committee at Northampton, asking them to consider the question of building a junior school on that five-acres site and acquire sufficient for a playing field which would serve the purpose of two schools. He was afraid that if the Education Committee did not soon take action they would be left in the lurch; they did not seem fully alive to the immediate need of the matter.

Mr. Perkins moved a resolution embodying the above suggestion.

Mr. F. Green seconded and said that the sooner they could get the county authority to act the better.

Mr. Corby drew attention to the possibility of Alfred-street mixed school being “fed” by three infants’ schools.

Grouping Schools

Mr. Perkins : Yes, and consequently the new school could be made a junior school. The Education Committee are grouping schools into junior and senior throughout the county.

The resolution was passed.

Mr. E. Freeman reported that Mr. S. Saddler, headmaster of Newton-road mixed school, told him that nothing had been done to make fit for a playing field a piece of ground above the school let to the school authorities by the Rushden Council.

Mr. C. Claridge recalled that Rushden Sports, Ltd., had been asked whether they would allow the use of the Rushden Town ground, and on what terms.

The Clerk (Mr. J. Ferris) said that the company had not replied to his letter.

Mr. C. W. Horrell, C.A., said that Raunds had just had a playing field opened for them. If Rushden Town Sports Ground could be placed at the disposal of the school it would be very much cheaper than purchasing their own ground. The Town ground would accommodate South End, Alfred-street and Newton-road schools children.

Mr. Green said he agreed and said that the ground was not used much in the week-time.

The clerk was instructed to write again to the Town Sports, Ltd., on the subject.

Swimming Instruction

At a meeting of the school managers which followed, a reply to a letter from the managers on the subject of the exclusion of children from swimming lessons was read. The education Committee had been asked why Rushden children who were shortly leaving school were not allowed to go to the public bath.

The reply stated that the number who could be given instruction by the teacher (Mr. Abbott) was limited, and it had seemed desirable that only those who would be able to attend next season should be given instruction. It was hoped, however, that the school teachers would be able to give instruction another time, so that more children could be taught.

Mr. A. Allebone, C.C., said he understood that boys who could swim were not even taken to the baths, but they were entitled to go as much as the others.

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