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Nursery School

The Rushden Echo, 14th February 1969, transcribed by Jim Hollis

New nursery school opens next week

The White House
"The White House" - formerly the Wills family home
A new nursery school, which it is hoped will cater for up to 64 children, opens in Rushden on Monday. It is the second to be started by Mr. Victor Leer, who runs the Ashfield Hall Nursery School, Raunds.

The new school will be at the White House, Grove Road, Rushden. Children who are now attending the Raunds school will be transferred to the new one. Children who live in Wellingborough will also be moved.

“We plan to start with about 12 children,” said Mr. Leer. “But we hope to get registration for 64, as we did with the Raunds school.”

The latter school was opened on January 8 last year with a total of seven children.


“We let it stay at that number for three weeks, then we advertised in the “Evening Telegraph” and the number shot to 56,” said Mr. Leer.

The Rushden school will be run by Mr. Leer’s wife, Pauline, who is a qualified teacher. She will be helped by a nursery nurse.

“There is not only a great demand but a great need everywhere for nursery schools. The accent in ours is on pre-school education,” said Mr. Leer.

He said that the Rushden house lent itself admirably to a school. He said he also hopes to start up a school in Wellingborough.

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