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Cynthia Brown, 2008
Safe Cycling 1963

Mr Horace Valvona started the Safe Cycling Scheme when he was County Road Safety Officer.
It began in 1955 and over the next 12 years 165 girls cycled with the team.

The Safe Cycling Team lead by Mr Valvona was unique and the aim of the team was to promote safe cycling.

The team practised on the tennis courts at the new block, the precision cycling was set to music, which came via speakers that Mr Valvona carried in the back of his car. The team would take part in local carnivals, also giving displays at local schools. A trip to London’s White City stadium to give a display in front of the Duke of Edinburgh was quite a special occasion. The uniform for the cycling team was white shorts and white P.E. tops and quite possibly the dreaded red beret !

National Cycling Proficiency Badge
The cycling team went on many outings, the photo shows the team with the local M.P. taken on the balcony of the houses of Parliament possibly in 1963, a visit to R.O.S.P.A house was also included in this outing.

The Girls school uniform at this time was navy blue gabardine macs, red berets, navy blue, red and gold striped scarves and of course the red beret usually held on with grips!!!

The cycling team of 1963
From left to right:-
Nora Bridgeford, Kathleen Hoodless, Miss Kirby, Susan Llewelyn, Susan Smith, Valerie Cox,
June Smith, Rosemary Parker, M.P., …………, Cynthia Watts, Jane Eyre, Elaine Smith,
Linda Watts, Marlene Holt, Hilary Ambridge, Mr Valvona, Margaret Ablett?, Lobelia Gazeley ?

Safe Cycling Team

Girls from Rushden Secondary Modern School who ride together as the Northamptonshire safe cycling team, which last week took part in a White City
rally attended by the Duke of Edinburgh. Part of the demonstration given by the cyclists is featured this week on Pathe News at local ABC cinemas.

Team (left to right): Susan Llewellyn, Linda Watts, Susan Parsons, Hilary Ambridge, Rosemary Parker, Cynthia Watts, Anita Pentelow, Lynn Pettit,
June Smith, Jane Eyre, Janice Alderman, Irene Watts, Susan Smith, Denise Bridgeford, Valerie Cox, Margaret Abblett, Linda Abbott, Margaret Copson,
Norah Bridgeford, Sandra Attley, Elaine Smith, Anita Ridgewell, Lynda Tompkins, Davina Sharpe, Wilhelmine Harris, Diane Young, Kathleen Hoodless, Maureen Parker, Helen Martin, Marlene Holt, Christine Watts and Valerie Travill. Also in the picture is Mr. Horace Valvona, road safety officer.

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