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School Attendance & Medals

Rushden Echo, 18th December 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins

Newton-Road Schools—Mr. B. Vorley and Mr. J. W. Crouch, members of the Rushden Sub-committee, on Monday presented the medals and certificates won by the scholars. The awards comprised six gilt medals to scholars who had made every possible attendance for three successive years; two nickel medals for two years; 26 honours certificates to those who had not missed during the year; and 34 first-class certificates to the scholars who had only missed two attendances.

Rushden Echo May 22nd 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Three Dunkleys, Wearing their Perfect Attendance Medals

In our issue of October 24th 1913, we had pleasure in reporting that three of the children of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Dunkley, of Victoria-road, Rushden, viz., Willie, Winifred Mary and Henry Arthur, each secured a medal for five years’ perfect attendance at school.
Wellingborough News, 19th January 1878, transcribed by Kay Collins
Willie, Winifred Mary and Henry Arthur
Prior to this, each of the children had received medals for two, three, and four years’ perfect attendance. At a meeting of the Rushden Education Sub-committee last Tuesday the youngsters were recommended for further medals, each having now completed six years’ perfect attendance. This in itself is a remarkable record, but it is still more remarkable that Henry Arthur, who is now but nine years of age, has never missed a day from school since he started at the early age of three years. These young children are a credit not only to themselves but also to their parents.
Rushden Echo, 18th July 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

School Attendance—The family of Dunkley, of 24 Victoria-road, have three children whose attendance at school is record that few can surpass. The son Henry Arthur has attended for ten years, “never absent, never late,” his younger brother William has attended for eight years and his sister Winifred for six years, each with full marks.

Extract from a longer article ...... [in 1923] Medals for perfect attendances at school for several years were presented to Ernest Tew (four years), William Scroxton (three), Lily Chettle, Ernest King and Brenda Chettle (two).

The medal
This medal was presented for 5 years' good conduct and punctual attendance, to Edward Partridge. His father was Frederick Partridge, and the family lived at 68 Crabb Street. The children attended the South End schools, where Edward studied from 1912 until 1917.

The medal is 29mm diameter.
presented to Edward

Rushden Echo, 24th July 1925, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden District Education Committee
Council School Managers – The Attendance Report

A meeting of Rushden Education Sub-Committee was held on Tuesday, present Messrs. B Vorley (chairman), C Cross, C.C. (vice-chairman), W B Sanders, C W Horrell, C.A., J.P., E Freeman, E Sugars, C Claridge, F Green, L Baxter, F Corby, and the Rev P E Robson, R.D., with the Clerk and Attendance Officer (Mr A Mantle).


The quarterly return of the Attendance Officer showed the following percentage of attendances:-

Average Attendance


Newton-road Mixed



Alfred-street Mixed



North End Mixed



South End Mixed



Newton-road Infants



Alfred-street Infants



South End Infants



Moor-road Infants





The figures for the corresponding quarter last year were: Average attendance, 1802.1; percentage, 91.1.

Average number of scholars on the rolls, 1956.0; corresponding quarter last year, 1978.8. Number of Infants under five years of age on the roll, 215.3; last year, 217.3


Mr Mantle reported that all the schools had been seriously affected by epidemic sickness during the whole quarter.

Council School Managers

A meeting of the Council School Managers followed, Mr Vorley presiding.

Mr J V Carrington wrote resigning his position as assistant teacher at the Newton-road School on his appointment to a headship. The Managers expressed their appreciation of Mr Carrington’s excellent work at Newton-road.

The appointment of Mrs Thomas as caretaker of the Newton-road School was recommended to the County Committee.

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