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The Rushden Echo, 17th June 1898, transcribed by Kay Collins
Woodwork Classes - Interesting Exhibition

It is exceedingly regrettable that there was not a larger attendance at the exhibition of carpentry and carving on Monday evening in Messrs, Lilley and Skinner's room, Rushden. The exhibits consisted of work executed in all the Carpentry and Carving Classes in Northamptonshire under the auspices of the County Council, and the quality of the work shown was excellent. The exhibition was open from 5 to 9 p.m., and, although the price of admission was only a penny, up to seven o'clock but three persons had entered the room, including a representative of the Echo. Later on there was a larger attendance, but the company was considerably smaller than it ought to have been, considering the high class character of the carving. The county prize for the best collection of joints was secured by Mr. T. Lowe, of Woodford, while the county prize for carving fell to one of the students at the Crick class. Some exquisite carving was shown by students at the Collyweston and Easton classes, most notable being a carved panel for a staircase, the design and execution of which were masterly.

Naturally, the greatest interest central in the work executed in the local class.

The Awards

to the Rushden students being as follow:—

Carving from the Cast:— Seniors:- 2nd. Mr. F. James and Mr. H. Morris.
Carving from Drawing:— Seniors:-
1st. Mr. F. James : 2nd, Mr. H. Morris.
1st. Master Edgar Hustwaite : 3rd. Master Catchpole.
Best Collection of Joints: Seniors:- 2nd. Mr. Claude Childs, 3rd. Mr. Allen.
Juniors:- 2nd. Master Sargent.
Best Constructed Object: Seniors:- 2nd. Mr. Claude Childs.

The Judge

was Mr. S. Montrie, instructor at the school of the British Institute of Wood Carvers.

Ten classes have been held in various parts of Northamptonshire, the instructors being Mr. H. G. Vernee and Mr. G. Mason, the latter having had charge of the class at Rushden, of which Mr. George Denton, jun., is the hon. secretary. This class has been held in the Newton-road Board School, and 32 lessons were given last session, viz., one on each Monday night during the autumn and winter. The Rushden class has been fairly successful, and will be resumed on the first Monday in October next, prior to which applicants for admission are advised to see the hon. local secretary.

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