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Kay Collins 1997
Hair Powder Certificates 1797

Hair Powder Certificates  – lists survive only for 1796 & 1797 at NRO, but not all parishes are listed.

Rushden appears only in the 1797 list.
A small bundle of forms are folded into the lists:

To the constable of the parish of 
in the County of

By the Act of the 35th Geo III c.49. passed on
the 30th of April, 1795, imposing a Duty on
Certificates issued for using Hair-Powder, S.16.
You are required, within three Days after the Receipt
of the annexed List, to cause a true and exact Copy
thereof to be affixed on the Church Door of your Parish,
and from Time to Time, when necessary, to replace the
same, for the Space of Four Weeks then next.

    Every Person willfully tearing, defacing, or removing,
the List to be fixed up, within the said Space of Four Weeks,
forfeits for every Offence, on Conviction before a Justice
of the Peace, Forty Shillings, Half of which goes to you,
and the other Half to the informer.

                                     CHR. SMITH,

                                                    Clerk of the Peace

of the County of Northampton


Title Forename Surname Occupation
Mrs   ANDREWS housekeeper
Mrs   BUSBY governess
Hon William COCKAYNE son
Mrs   COCKAYNE wife
Mrs   FLETCHER wife
  James SMITH valet


NRO Ref. Hair Powder Certificates
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