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Workhouse Board of Guardians
Reports from the Newspapers
General conditions and notes concerning Rushden

Rushden Echo & Argus, 6th February 1931

Wellingborough's Old Board of Guardians

The Old Board

A photograph of a group of the former members of the Wellingborough Board of Guardians, who did yeoman service before they were superseded by the body that now acts under the County Council and who are responsible to the Public Assistance Committee, with various officials. Reading from left to right they are:—

Back row: Messrs. G. Watkin (Irchester), F. Hewlett (Bozeat) W. A. Wyman (Wellingborough), R. Moss,
B. Vorley (Rushden), T. Large (Wellingborough), E. Dicks (Ecton), L. Parsons (Irchester), W. J. Hayes (Bozeat), Nicholls, E. Barker, A. Siddons (Hardwick), T. W. Ginders.

Second row: Messrs. J. E. White (Earls Barton), J. Peck (Wellingborough), F. H. Johnson (Wellingborough).
Mrs. Palmer (Irthlingborough), Mrs. Butlin (Wellingborough), Mrs. Durham (Rushden), Mrs. Campbell (Wellingborough), Miss Curtis (Wellingborough), Miss Parsons (Irthlingborough), Mrs. Jacques (Orlingbury),
Mrs. Bayes (Irthlingborough), Mrs. Walker (Hjgham Ferrers), Mrs, Whiffen and Mr. Whiffen,

Front row: Messrs. A. J. Sturgess, A. Parker (Finedon), W. M. Walker (Finedon), Mrs. Bayes (Rushden),
Mrs. Waring (Rushden), Mrs. Hacksley (Welling­borough), Mr. B. Ladds (Rushden), Miss Cook (Wellingborough), Mrs. James (Irchester), Mr. T. J Morgan Miss M. Harlock (Finedon), Mr. J. G. Ginders.

Wellingborough News, December 15th 1877, transcribed by Kay Collins

Present: Mr. R. Orlebar, (chairman), Rev. W. C. Roughton (vice-chairman), Rev. A. J. Foster, Messrs. T. S. Curtis, B. Dulley, W. Colson, J. Parker, J. Ward, J. W. Watts, E. B. Randall, S. C. Groome, W. Gross, W. Colson, Hy. Hutchinson, D. Sheffield, S. Burr, — Goosey, R. Dearlove, R. Pell, T. H. Wykes, J. Siddons, W. Attenborough, and S. Smith.

The following tenders for provisions for the Union were accepted:—For Bread, Mr. N. T. Brown, for House, 5½d.; flour, 2s. per stone. Bread for district, 1st, 5½d., 3rd and 6th, 5¾d., Mr. J. Early. District 2, 6¼d., Mr. McAlister, district 4, 6d. For meat, Mr. Edward Blott; beef 9¾d., mutton 7d., shins 5d., suet 6d. Grocery: James Bros., as per tender. Beer: Mr. C. Charter, at 1s. per gallon. Coals: Ellis and Everard, Annersly hard at 15s. per ton.

Number of inmates for the week ending Dec. 12, 128 Corresponding number last year, 125. Increase 3.

On the motion of Mr. Wykes, it was agreed that the inmates of the Workhouse be supplied with the usual Christmas fare on Christmas Day. He further gave notice that at the next meeting of the Board, he should move that instead of the usual suet pudding given to the Workhouse children, pudding with currants be supplied to them occasionally. [part of a longer article]

Wellingborough News, 18th February 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Clerk read a letter from Messrs. T. Butlin and Co. agreeing to find the necessary slag for the repairs of the Union-road below the Workhouse, but objecting to repair it in future.—The Chairman said he had seen the Messrs. Butlin and the difficulty that existed was as to the future repair of the road. They were willing to find the slag for present repairs, but did not see their way to give any pledge for the future.—The Surveyor said that it would be of little use to repair the road unless some arrangement were made for the future, as the traffic would soon cut the road up again.—The Chairman thought it would be well to obtain an estimate for keeping the road in repair, and then to ask Messrs. Butlin what they would be prepared to do.—Mr. Watkin thought the other property owners should be communicated with.—The Chairman said he had seen some of them, and he thought there would be no difficulty with them.—After further conversation the subject was deferred till next meeting.

Wellingborough News, 4th March 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

NOTICE is hereby given, That the Guardians of this Union will, at their Meeting, to be held at the BOARD-ROOM in the UNION WORKHOUSE, on WEDNESDAY, the 15th day of March instant, receive TENDERS for the supply of the Best Seconds Wheaten BREAD (4lb. loaves), FLOUR, MEAT, TEA, and other GROCERY Articles, and BEER and COALS, for the use of the Workhouse, and Best Seconds Wheaten BREAD (4lb. loaves) for the Out-poor of the several parishes of the Union, for Thirteen Weeks from the 26th day of March instant.

A sample loaf of Bread, and samples of such of the articles of Grocery as are practicable, and samples of the Beer, must be sent with the Tenders and all the articles of Grocery that may be contracted for must be delivered at the commencement of the quarter, free of charge.

Wellingborough News, 2nd September 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

Wellingborough Board of Guardians
The fortnightly meeting of this Board was held on Wednesday last, when there were present Mr. H. M. Stockdale (in the chair), Mr. J. W. Watts (in the vice-chair), the Rev. T. Richards, and Messrs. T. S. Curtis, J. Siddons, C. Freeman, J. Walker, W. Brown, J. Wood Sharman, J. Parker, S. Knight, and J. Austin.

WEEKLY RETURNS— In the house 109 against 112 last year; out-door relief, 865 at a cost of £101 14s. 1½d., against 852 at a cost of £103 0s. 5¾d.

Wellingborough News, 12th May 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

Wellingborough Board of Guardians
The fortnightly meeting of this Board was held on Wednesday last, when there were present—Mr. H. M. Stockdale (in the chair), Mr. T. S. Curtis (in the vice-chair), Revs. J. S. Hall and J. Geldart; and Messrs. J. Siddons, W. W. James, J. Wood Sharman, G. L. Watkin, J. Parker, E. Spencer, J. Ward, J. Walker, W. H. Callis, J. H. Coales, G. Denton, S. Knight, T. H. Wykes, W. Maxwell, W. J. Gross, G. Wyman, J. Allibone, H. Hutchinson, J. Welford, R. Goosey, and J. G. Dunmore.

RETURNS—In the house 114, against 114 the same period last year; outdoor relief 977, at a cost of £112 9s. 11¾d., against 930, at a cost of £103 16s. 6d. last year.

THE RUSHDEN COLLECTOR—A letter was read from the Local Government Board approving the increase of Mr. Sarjent's salary from £30 to £35.

DIVIDED PARISHES—The Clerk read a letter from Mr. T. H. W. Pelham stating that he proposed to hold an enquiry at about the end of May respecting divided parishes in this union. The Divided Parishes Act not only dealt with parishes in more than one county, but also with parishes divided by rivers, and after an enquiry had been held it was competent under the Act for the authorities to alter existing boundaries.—The Clerk pointed out that the matter was one of considerable importance in this union, as it would not only affect Wymington, part of which is in Bedfordshire, but also parishes such as Irthlingborough, Earl's Barton, and Higham Ferrers, which are divided by the river. In the case of Earl's Barton an altered boundary would probably mean placing 300 or 400 acres in Hardingston Union. It was decided, on the motion of Mr. Wyman to give Mr. Pelham a choice of days between May 31, June 4, and June 7.

DR. HEYGATE'S APPOINTMENT—Dr. Heygate's appointment for the Finedon district having only been made for one year, Mr. Parker gave notice that at the next meeting he would propose his re-appointment. The Clerk said that under the terms of the resolution passed last year the salary would also be open for consideration.

THE RELIEF OF VAGRANTS—As the police will cease to act as assistant relieving officers after this month, the relieving officers were called in and informed that the duty of giving relief orders to vagrants would now devolve upon them. Mr. Packwood, jun., who will be chiefly affected by the alteration, said that at the next meeting he should have a communication to make to the Board on the subject.

THE CONTRACTS FOR DRAPERY—The contracts for drapery were referred to Messrs. Denton, Gross, and Wykes, who will report at the next meeting.

Rushden Echo, 22nd February 1901, transcribed by Kay Collins

Guardians’ ElectionMrs. Tailby, we regret to state, has definitely decided not to seek re-election, and the Board will thus lose the valuable services of a painstaking member who has scarcely missed two meetings a year. Mrs. Cunnington is also desirous of retiring, but it is hoped that pressure will be brought to bear upon her to again place her services at the disposal of the electors. Most useful, though unostentatious work has been done by the lady members of the board.

Rushden Echo, 13th September 1907, transcribed by Kay Collins

Dr Crew’s Resignation
Considerable regret was expressed at the meeting of the Wellingborough Board of Guardians on Wednesday upon receipt of a letter from Dr John Crew, resigning his position as Medical Officer for Higham Ferrers district of Wellingborough Union.
In this letter the doctor refers to the pleasant relations that existed between the Guardians and himself. Mr Spong said that Dr Crew had carried out the duties of the office in the interest both of the poor and of the ratepayers. The Clerk said the officer’s pension would have to be fixed on a basis of 34½ years service.
Dr Crew had done medical service in the Oundle and Thrapston District before he came under the Board. On the motion of Mr Palmer, a committee, consisting of Guardians from the parishes in the doctor’s district, was appointed to consider the question of filling the vacancy, and also of dividing the district.

Rushden Echo, 18th July 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

Guardians and Workhouse Beer—Mr. A. Gadsby and Mr. B. Ladds were two of the three members of the Wellingborough Board of Guardian who voted last week against an allowance of beer on Peace Day to inmates of Wellingborough Workhouse.

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