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Transcribed by John Collins, 2006

Apprenticeship Indenture of Peter Saunders 1700

This Indenture made this nine and twentieth day of October in the twelfth year of the reigne of King William the third over England Anno Dno 1700 Witnesseth that John Darnelly and Thomas Mackerness Church Wardens of the parish of Rushden in the County of Northton and William Mallery & Moses Gobby Overseers of the Poor of the same parish by & with the consent and allowance of Thomas Ekins Esq & John Clendon two of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for the said County have placed put out and bound Peter Saunders a poor child of the parish of Rushden aforesaid Apprentice to Thomas Narbury of the same parish Glover till the said Peter Saunders shall come to & attain the age of one and twenty years During which time the said Apprentice his said Master well & faithfully shall serve his secrets keep his Comandments lawful & honest everywhere willingly shall doe Hee shall doe noe hurt nor damage to his said Master nor Consent to be done of others but to his power shall lett & hinder the same or forthwith give notice to his said Master thereof He shall not waste the goods of his said Master nor lend them to any person without his consent Hee shall not frequent Taverns Inns or Alehouses (except about his Masters business & with his leave) Hee shall not during the said terme play at Cards Dice or other unlawful Games Hee shall not by Day or Night absent himselfe from his said Masters Service But in all things (as a Good & faithful Servant) Shall Demean himself towards his said Master & all his and the said Thomas Narbury his Apprentice shall during the said terme Educate & bring up or cause to be Educated & brought up in the Trade he now useth According to the best of his skill & knowledge and find & allow unto him during the said term Sufficient wholesome & competent meat drink washing lodging Apparel & all other necessaries Meet for such an Apprentice And at the end of the said terme is to find him two suites of Apparell & convenient Linen & other necessaries In witnesse whereof to one part of the said Indentures the said Churchwardens & overseers have unto the other part thereof the said Thomas Narbury hath sett their hands and seals the day & year first above written

Sealed & delivered (being first stampt The mark of
with a double sixpenny stampe) in the Thomas Narbury
presence of

Anne Orton

John Theedams

NRO Ref: 285P/104A
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