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Genealogy - overview

Toys of about 1910
Toys of about 1910

Most of our indexing projects use the same abbreviations. The documents we have indexed for the main part can be found at Northamptonshire Record Office and the reference will be clearly shown at the end of the transcript or index. In some cases we have taken photographs of documents or books and then used them to print out to enable a team to input and those taking part will be noted with the particular transcript. Census, church registers electoral rolls and directories are the main listings but a few more unusual lists have been indexed as and when we have found them. See also Land, Property & Taxation for more listings.

Abbreviations in Church Register Transcripts Abbreviations in other transcripts
d daughter ? denotes the original is unclear or seems wrong
s son [ ] uncertain
w wife ... illegible
wid widow W in later marriage registers --- information not given
widr widower W in later marriage registers y years
bach bachelor B in later marriage registers m months
sp spinster S in later marriage registers w weeks
L or B marriage by Licence or Banns (if given) * note by the transcriber to explain something
R marriage by Registrar's certificate (non-conformist) Year this is upgraded for Jan 01 - Mar 25 before 1752
otp of this parish Months are shortened to the first three letters
botp both of this parish Forenames may have been expanded(if contracted)and modernised
bo both of SURNAMES are spelt as in the original record
wco with consent of County Chapman County Code is used
goody goodman/goodwife - term of endearment - helpful person Places some place names may be shortened
e.g. Little as Lt., Great as Gt., Wellingborough as W'boro
REF C=christened N=born M=married D=died B=buried    
^ addition (partial or full) from BTs    
~ addition from Banns book Names Sometimes abbreviated

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