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Poor Law


Wellingborough News, 14th January 1887, transcribed by Kay Collins

CLAIM FOR MAINTENANCE—At the Thrapston County Court yesterday, the Guardians of the Poor for the Thrapston Union sued John Martin, beerhouse-keeper, of Rushden, for £3 15s., due in respect of relief granted to his father, living at Bythorn, being at the rate of 1s. a week for 75 weeks. The relieving officer, Mr. Knight, proved the case, and mentioned that he had at a previous court obtained judgment for amounts owing to July 15th, 1885, and nothing had been paid by the defendant since. He also remarked that defendant seemed to have plenty of money, having given £100 to his daughter on the occasion of her marriage. His Honour (Judge Bagshawe) observed that beerhouse keeping was not the prosperous undertaking it once was, and made an order for 10s. a month.

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