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Introduction to St. Mary's Parish Registers

Rushden St Mary's Early Register

Parish Register Transcript

1598 - 1726
1559 - 1726
1559 - 1726

Note from one of JES’s books "book begun 21st Nov 1913" p54

The Oldest Register in the Parish Chest (Old Safe) examined by me on Wednesday April 20th 1914 by permission of the Rector)

Several leaves are missing – been cut out I think.

A leaf from 1590 to 1592 Marriages
The leaves out from 1608 to 1609 Baptisms, also 1613 Baptisms
1 leaf out from 1616 23 Mar to 1617 30th March
Also missing Baptisms from 1623 to 1626
Also missing Marriages 1635
A leaf page 66
Four leaves out (Burials) 1638-1653
1 leaf out (Burials) 1555 page 71
2 leaves out (Baptisms) 1659-1668 p73
1 leaf out p91
1 leaf out p77
3 leaves cut out in one place a DATE remains on cut leaf p83 1660-1661 containing 20 Christian names.

So the damage must have been done sometime before 1913.

This register is three early books bound together and it is in fair condition. Many entries are lost due to several pages gone from the start & end of the earliest part of the register and several damaged pages. Only 4 entries are recorded for 1660-1668. In the register the first section is baptisms followed by marriages and burials to 1653, the next section is mixed entries 1653-1660 and the final section has whole pages of sorted events. In the burials for 1575-78 a few entries are recorded as baptised and some have the word baptised crossed out and overwritten buried, all these are transcribed as burials. From 1708 to 1725 a cross check has been made with the Bishop’s Transcripts.

Near the end of the register, following the 1725 burials, there are some details about the tythes and lands within the fields of the parish. A full transcript has been made.

Thanks go to Eleanor Winyard of the Record Office for her dedicated help in reading the faded entries, some details remain unreadable even with the aid of the ultra violet lamp.

The later registers are all easily read and all those deposited at Northamptonshire Record Office have been transcribed. The later registers remain at the church. [as at 2005]

All common forenames e.g. William, John, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, have been spelt in the modern English form and expanded if contracted in the register, but less common forenames and all surnames are spelt as in the original. The forenames in the details column are usually contracted and a list of these contractions and other abbreviations used follows. Before 1752 the year is upgraded for January/March.

Transcribed by Kay & John Collins 2002 ©
NRO - Ref: 285P/205

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