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Rushden Echo, 27th October 1905, transcribed by Greville Watson
Accident to a Rushden Policeman

Yesterday (Thursday) a serious accident happened to PC Jones, of Rushden, while cycling down the hill from Irchester station towards Rushden. Constable Jones, who has been stationed at Rushden for about 18 months and has gained the respect of the whole town by his courtesy, his quiet demeanour, and his devotion to duty, had been cycling to Wellingborough and Irchester, and was returning to Rushden when the mishap occurred. As he was proceeding slowly down the hill near Knuston Lodge, with Mr G R Turner, relieving officer, cycling in front of his, the constable's machine skidded and he was pitched heavily on to the road. He sustained slight concussion of the brain, a wound was made above the right eye, the upper lip was cut, and the right cheek was much grazed.

Mr Turner at once returned and took the sufferer into Sir Chandos Leigh's lodge, where every attention was paid to him. Dr Ardagh was fetched from Irchester, and he stitched up the wounds.

Mr Turner then continued his journey to Rushden and informed Inspector Dunn of the unfortunate occurrence. The Inspector and PS Judge at once drove over to Knuston and removed the Patient to the Rushden police-station, Dr Owen being called in, the patient has since been semi-conscious.

The family of Sir Chandos Leigh rendered all possible assistance to the patient while he was at the lodge, and subsequently drove over to Rushden to make enquiries regarding his condition.

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