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From the archive of Rowan J. Flack,
Former Clinical Nurse Officer, Rushden Hospital, 1966-1990.
Transcribed by Greville Watson, December 2009.

Rushden Memorial Clinic Deeds
A Conveyance, March 7th, 1947

Between Herbert Claridge, Cecil Edgar Fletcher vendors, and John White, Wilfred Ernest Capon, Alice Unwin Muxloe, George William Marriott, Leonard Walter Bradshaw and Dudley George Greenfield, Medical Practitioner.

Item (1).  The purchasers are the trustees of the unincorporated charitable institution known s the Rushden Home Hospital Fund, which is at the date hereof maintained partly from income arising from endowments.

The purchasers have in their hands the sum of £5,000, representing voluntary donations by divers persons to the hospital and the donors did not direct or declare any specific application or appropriation of the said sum or any part thereof which may legally be applied by the governing or managing body of the hospital as income in aid of the voluntary subscriptions.

All that piece of land situate in and having a frontage of 119 feet to the Hayway, Rushden, and containing an area of 3,650 sq yards, or thereabouts, which said parcel of land is within the area, dimentions, boundarys and abbuttals thereof delineated and more particularly described on a plan drawn on a certain Indenture dated 4th March 1899 and made between George Henry Groom of the one part and Ebeneezer Claridge of the other part.

By his Will dated 27th October 1904, Ebeneezer Claridge appointed his sons, Oliver Claridge and Charles Raymond Claridge, and William Lewin, to be the executors and trustees thereof and thereby devised and said property hereby conveyed unto his wife, Mary Claridge for her life and subject thereto he devised all the realestate, whatsoever and wheresoever of which he should be seized, possessed or entitled, including the said property hereby conveyed after the termination of the life interest of his said wife therein unto his trustees on trust to sell the same with power to postpone any sale and to stand possessed of the proceeds of the sale thereof as therein more particularly set forth, and he declared that the power of appointing new trustees of that, his Will, should be excisable by his said wife during her life and after her death, by the person by law enabled so to do.

Said Ebeneezer Claridge died on 23rd September 1910.

Said Charles Raymond Claridge died on 21st May 1914.

By deed of appointment dated 6th September 1915 made between Mary Claridge of the first part, Oliver Claridge and William Lewin of the second part, and George Herbert Claridge and George Spencer Bankhart of the third part, the said Herbert Claridge and George Spencer Bankhart were appointed new trustees to act jointly with the said Oliver Claridge and William Lewin for the purposes of the said Will.

Said William Lewin died on 6th July 1920 and the said Mary Claridge died on 12th February 1925.  The said Oliver Claridge died on 9th July 1944 and George Spencer Bankhart died on 18th April 1945.


Map showing a freehold plot of land in the Hayway.  4th March 1899.


Conveyance between Mr George H. Groome to Mr Ebeneezer Claridge dated 16th September 1899.

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