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From the archive of Rowan J. Flack,
Former Clinical Nurse Officer, Rushden Hospital, 1966-1990.
Transcribed by Greville Watson, December 2009.
Kettering & District Community Health Council

Fourth Annual Report 1977-78   [Extract]

Rushden Memorial Clinic

This clinic provides one of the best services in the area, about 1,000 patients a month are dealt with.  The conditions are rather cramped for the tasks carried out and the patient changing rooms leave much to be desired.  Additional patient toilets are required on the second floor and replacement of the wax baths is urgently needed.

The clinic enjoys a high grade of staffing and is reasonably well maintained, bearing in mind it is an old converted house.

Clinics covering Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Medical, paediatrics, Diabetics, Surgical, Ophthalmic, E.N.T., Wart, Dermatology, Psychiatric, Physical Medicine as well as Family Planning are held there during the week.

Fire regulations are strictly adhered to and relevant signs prominently displayed.  The clinic provides an invaluable service for the community.

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