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From the archive of Rowan Flack
Former Clinical Nurse Officer, Rushden Hospital, 1966-1990.
Presented by Greville Watson, March 2010

Photogallery of Service Staff

at Rushden Sanatorium

Frank Hopkins in the yard at the San
George Woollard (Head Gardener)
Frank Hopkins in the Service Yard
George Woollard (Head Gardener)

Marian Duffy
Marian Duffy, the daughter of Alice Duffy (Head Cook)

Staff at Rushden Sanatorium
Staff at Rushden Sanatorium
L-R: Ellen Henkel, Margaret Stewart and Gislea Stahl (Mrs Lilley)
L-R: Mrs Warren, Miss Bridie Nolan, Mr Fred Cowley, Mrs Humphries,
Mrs Brown and Mrs Ellen Walden

Nesta (Nicky) Komarnycki
Nesta (Nicky) Komarnycki
Nesta (Nicky) Komarnycki.
Nicky was a displaced person after World War II.
He was an ex-TB patient and after his illness at Rushden House
Sanatorium became the stoker.

Staff in Service Yard at San
Staff in Service Yard

Photo of group at Rushden Sanatorium
Ellen & Wasyl Bahrij at Rushden San
L-R: Audrey Allen, Marian Duffy (daughter of
Alice, Head Cook), and Mair Perry
Ellen & Wasyl Bahrij

staff 1968
Front row
Tusan Margaret senior clerk/typist
Hazeldine office clerk
Mobley domestic assistant
Allen Audrey seamstress
Bryan Ritanella enrolled nurse
Partridge Jane medical secretary
? patient
? patient
Middle row
White Peter charge nurse (chest)
Marriot Josephine senior enrolled nurse (clinic)
Davis Margaret Isobel ward sister (chest)
Perry Mair assistant matron
Fisher, Dr Oscar Elliot senior chest physician
Hensman Elsie voluntary worker "Friends"
Morris G Anne sister (treatment centre)
Flack Rowan James matron nursing officer
Simmons Susan Eliz ward sister (chest)
Jennings Sarah Eliz nursing auxiliary
Taken December 1968
for a presentation to Arthur Colton
Chairman - Tuberculosis After-Care Committee

Back row
Nolan Bridie matron's maid - dining room maid
Smith Grace Ethel ward orderly (auxiliary)
Hopkins Frank engineer
Duffy Tommy stoker - porter
Perrot Marjorie nursing auxiliary
Benton David John staff nurse
Prior Eric hospital secretary
Fisby Allen admin. charge nurse 
Leeson Frank charge nurse (dermatology)
Minney Peter head gardener
Komarnyski Nesta stoker - porter
Liwak Helena domestic assistant

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