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Rushden Echo, 11th June 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Motor Accident

An accident occurred on Sunday when a motor car driven by Mr. R. C. Browning, of Whittlebury (son of the late Mr. E. C. Browning, J.P., of Rushden), and a horse and trap came into collision. Mr. Browning was conveying some members of the Volunteer Training Corps to the Lodge, where an inspection of the Corps was to be held, and at a slight bend in the road met a horse and trap. There was sufficient room to pass, and Mr. Browning had pulled right on to the grass at the side, but the horse, swerving across the road, apparently jumped right on to the car, smashing the glass wind screen and otherwise considerably damaging the car. The horse was badly lacerated with the broken glass, and the occupants of the trap were thrown into the road, but escaped serious injury, as fortunately also did the driver of the car.

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