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The Rushden Echo Friday 24th August 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins
Yelden Farmer in a Collision

Motor Cycle Smash at Rushden - Machines Damaged but Cyclists Escape Injury

A startling incident happened at Ward’s Corner, Rushden, on Saturday morning, when two motor cyclists collided, though, happily, the damage done was confined to the machines. A young man from Leicester, named Kemp, was motor-cycling along High-street, from the direction of Higham Ferrers towards Bedford, his wife riding on the baggage seat at the back of the machine. At the same time Mr. Fenton, a well-known Yelden agriculturalist, was riding his motor-cycle up Church-street, and was crossing High-street to turn up Newton-road. Each rider, it appears, had sounded his hooter, but evidently neither cyclist had heard the warning of the other, and they collided with considerable force at the four crossroads. Mr. and Mrs. Kemp were thrown off their machine, but, fortunately, they escaped with a few slight bruises, and were afterwards able to walk down High-street. Mr. Fenton, too, was little the worse for the accident, though both the machines were badly damaged, one being almost doubled up.

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