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The Rushden Echo, 25th October, 1907
Mr Brown's Shop Window

Alarming Accident at Rushden - Narrow Escape of Dr. Baker
Horse Dashes Through a Shop Window

  Dr. H. S. Baker, who was motoring along High-street South, Rushden, on Saturday afternoon at about 2.30, had a somewhat narrow escape.

  A horse belonging to the M.R. Co., attached to a dray, was standing outside the W.M.C., Griffith-street, the driver having left it for a moment to attend to some empty boxes.  Some boys were playing in the street, waving flags, and this startled the animal, which galloped at a terrific pace down Griffith-street, the steepness of the hill, of course, accelerating the horse’s speed.  Unable to turn the corner at the bottom of Griffith-street into High-street South, the horse dashed with great force into the window of Mr. Brown, grocer, etc.[No. 22]  The horse’s head and shoulders went clean through the window into the shop, and the goods were hurled about in all directions, bottles of port wine, sugar, and other articles being scattered about the place.  The framework of the window, the gas fittings, etc., were much damaged, and so great was the force at which the horse ran through the window that some of the goods were

Hurled Through The Door

into the room behind the shop.

  The position of the horse was a very serious one, the forepart being through the shop window, and but for the fact that it had by this time quieted down it must have been cut beyond all hope of recovery by the broken glass.  Happily, however, the horse remained quiet and was eventually rescued from its perilous position.  It is almost miraculous that the horse should have escaped with only a number of cuts and bruises.

  Happily no one happened to be in the shop at the time, or there would have been serious danger to limb or even life.

  Dr. Baker was motoring past at the time the horse galloped down the street, and by the narrowest possible margin managed to avert a collision.

  This is the third time this horse has bolted.  Once it dashed down Higham Hill, demolishing the fence of Mr. J. T. Colson’s garden opposite Hayway, and later it dashed from the factory of Messrs. Knight and Brightwell, down Victoria-road into High-street.

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