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Rushden Echo, 19th July 1901, transcribed by Greville Watson
Serious Motor Car Accident

Bencroft Hill, on the Bedford Road, was the scene of a singular motor accident on Sunday afternoon. The car, which belonged to Messrs Course, engineers, of Bedford, and which contained Mr Course, a lady friend, and two other gentlemen, who were on a visit to Rushden, had just reached the bottom of the hill, about one and a half miles from Rushden, when the chain suddenly broke. The machine instantly ran on the grass, swerved round, and then fell with great force into a ditch by the hedge side, some four feet deep. The occupants were thrown onto the hedge, and this no doubt saved them from serious injury. No sooner had the car turned over than the oil caught fire, and ignited the woodwork of the machine; as there was a lack of water the fire was not extinguished until some considerable damage had been done. Fortunately the occupants escaped from the machine with only a fright and shaking. Mr Course, however, sustained burns to his face and arms while putting out the fire. Help was sent for, and Mr A Abbott drove the parties to Rushden, where they received kindly attention and medical assistance. After staying some time at Rushden, the visitors were driven to Bedford in a landau, the motor being left in the ditch.

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