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Rushden Echo, 7th November 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mr. Jack Attley

Cycle Accident—Mr. Jack Attley, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Attley, of 2 Pemberton-street, was cycling down Queen-street, on Saturday about 2.30p.m., when through some cause he fell from his machine and received some painful injuries. It is believed he became temporarily dizzy, as he could not remember anything beyond the fact that he was riding down the hill on his proper side and a moment later he struck the ground very heavily. His right eyebrow was cut open and his right shoulder and hand were bruised and cut. He was carried into Messrs. Eastman’s shop, where first aid was rendered by Nurse Watson, who, fortunately, happened to be passing. The injured lad was then taken to Dr. Baker’s surgery, where his injuries were further dressed, the wound over the eye being stitched. Mr. Attley is now making good progress.

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