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Rushden Echo 16th September 1921, transcribed by Susan Manton
Motor Car, Motor Bus and Motor Cycle
Narrow Escapes

An alarming motor collision occurred on Wednesday about 3.15pm between a Wellingborough Bus Company’s motor bus and a car driver by Miss Cave of “The Hutt”, Rushden.

The bus had just left the Irchester turn stopping place and had got about 100 yards in the direction of Wellingborough, when the conductor rang the bell to indicate that a vehicle was overtaking them. The bus driver, Mr. V.W. Dilcock, of 5, George Street, Irthlingborough, steered to the extreme left of the road. At the same time Mr. W.G. Woodward, of 55, Moor Road, Rushden, approached on his motor cycle from the direction of Wellingborough.

Miss Cave, wishing to give the motorcyclist enough space, unfortunately did not allow sufficient by a few inches on the other side. The hub of the rear wheel of the car struck the hub of the front wheel of the bus, knocking the steering wheel our of the driver’s control. The bus ran down the grass slope into the ditch before it was stopped. Happily there were no passengers on top, and the five or six inside were not seriously hurt. The bus did not overturn, but leaned forward dangerously. The two front springs were broken and the headlamps, steering gear, brass rails etc., were damaged. The car received slight damage, whilst the motor cycle got past safely.

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