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Rushden Echo, 23rd July 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Motor Cycle Accident

While trying a new motor-cycle on Sunday morning, Mr. E. C. Catling, of Newton-road, Rushden, lift manufacturer, met with a painful accident. When riding through Yelden the machine ran into the side of the road and Mr. Catling fell with great force on to the pathway. His eye-brow was cut open, and his eye badly blackened and his cheek and hands were cut about. Mr. Catling went into a house nearby and had his wounds washed. Mr. Allebone happened to be passing with his motor-cycle and side-car, and he kindly conveyed Mr. Catling home, and afterwards fetched the motor-cycle, which was not damaged. Mr. Catling was attended by Dr. Baker, and was able to attend business on Monday.

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