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Rushden Echo, 24th November 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins
Two Accidents in One Family
Councillor J S Clipson and Miss W Clipson – Injured on the Same Day

Two members of a Rushden family were involved in accidents on Tuesday last, and by a strange and unfortunate coincidence each receives injury to the left arm.

Councillor J S Clipson, when taking his first walk after five days indoors with influenza, had the misfortune to slip on the frozen pavement and fall heavily to the ground, sustaining severe bruises on the left arm, which necessitated the use of a sling ever since.

The same evening his daughter, Sister Winifred Clipson, who is in charge of the V.A.D. Hospital at Hinwick House, had an alarming experience. She, with some of her soldier patients, had driven to the Palace at Rushden to see the pictures of the Battle of the Somme.

Some of the wounded soldiers were riding in a waggonette, and Miss Clipson and two others were in a light pony trap. On the return journey they had entered Hinwick Park when the lamp was jolted from the socket, and falling under the horse’s legs, so startled the animal that it bolted.

The trap overturned, precipitating Miss Clipson and the two soldiers heavily to the ground. The soldiers fortunately were unhurt, but Miss Clipson was not so fortunate, sustaining severe bruises on the left arm, and other parts of the body, that resulted in her having to take to her bed, and to temporarily relinquish her duties. She is now making satisfactory progress.

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