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Mr. Everard

Wellingborough News, 17th October 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins

ACCIDENT—On Friday last, as Mr. Everard, of the firm of Adnitt and Everard, builders, was returning home from Poddington, whither he had been in a trap to fetch some boards, he had the misfortune to meet with an accident. It appears that at a very narrow portion of the road, on either side of which was a ditch, he met with his fellow townsman, Mr. J. Litchfield, who was driving to Bozeat. In passing each other the wheels just came into collision, and Mr. Everard, who was sitting on the loose boards, was thrown out. Dr. Thomas, under whose care he now is, pronounced him to have sustained concussion of the back. Mr. Everard, however, is now able to get about, and progressing favourably.

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