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Rushden Echo, 2nd June 1905, transcribed by Greville Watson
Gas Explosion in Rushden

Quite a sensation was caused by a gas explosion which occurred yesterday afternoon at the house of Mr Barnet, 12 Winchester-road. Mrs Barnet uses a gas cooking stove of the ordinary pattern, and lit it at the top to boil the kettle for tea. A minute or two afterwards a terrific explosion was heard, and Mrs Barnet on going into the kitchen, where the stove stood, found it strewn with wreckage. The door of the stove had been blown out, plaster had been knocked off the walls, three large window panes were smashed, and the room was covered with soot which had been blown out of the chimney.

The force of the explosion may be judged from the fact that pictures on the walls of the living-room were disturbed. Happily, there was no one in the kitchen at the time. A little boy was near the door in the living-room, but fortunately was unhurt. The neighbours were much alarmed by the explision, which was heard at a considerable distance.

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