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Gun Accident at Robert Skevington's

Wellingborough & Kettering News, January 3rd, 1880, transcribed by Kay Collins

GUN ACCIDENT—On the 23rd Dec. a gun accident occurred in this village, and there is cause for congratulation that serious consequences did not ensue. Mr. G. Warren, butcher, of Higham Ferrers, called at Mr. Robert Skevington's house for a gun that he wanted. Mrs. Skevington fetched a gun, which did not prove to be the right one, and it turned out that the gun which she brought to Mr. Warren contained a double charge of powder and shot. Mr. Warren took the gun, and accidentally propped it. Immediately there was a loud explosion; the gun had gone off, and a hole had been blown through the ceiling and a child's bed in the room above. Under that bed some potatoes had been stored, and many of them were reduced to atoms by the force of the shot. Mrs. Skevington and her children were in the house at the time, but happily no one was injured.

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