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Mr. Jervis

Rushden Echo 30th September 1921, transcribed by Susan Manton

Runaway Motor:- The hairdresser’s shop at the bottom of Fitzwilliam Street (the business of Mr. Jervis, of 8 Gordon Terrace, Rushden) was wrecked on Friday afternoon last by a motor crash. A light Ford van, or tender, the property of Mr. W.W. Chamberlain, had been left standing near the offices of Mr. C.W. Horrell Ltd., at the top of the hill when through some unknown cause it started running down the hill. The kerb alongside kept the vehicle going straight and by the time it reached the bottom the van had gained considerable momentum. It struck the front of Mr. Jervis’s shop, breaking the wall down and completely shattering the window glass and frame. Mr. Jervis, by marvellous good fortune, had just finished shaving a customer, or more critical injuries would have been inflicted. Luckily neither occupant of the shop was hurt. A large number of bottles of liquids and razors, tobacco, cigarettes etc., which had been on the shelves in the window were scattered over the shop, much damage being done. It was several hours before the damaged motor could be taken away. Mr. Jervis was able to get preliminary repairs effected sufficiently to allow him to carry on business next day.

Kelly's Directory
At 48 Duck Street

Thomas Gostick Jervis

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