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Wellingborough News, 19th September 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins
Fred Kent

Determined Attempt at Suicide at Rushden
A most determined effort at self-destruction took place in Church-street, Rushden, on Wednesday morning last. The perpetrator of the foolish act was Fred Kent, about 25 years of age, a finisher by trade. The unfortunate man inflicted his injuries in bed early on Wednesday morning, the weapon being a clasp-knife, with a long blade. He first drove the knife into his neck below the ear, with the supposed intent of cutting, his throat, and then made a second wound below the first. Not satisfied with this he plunged the knife into his side, and inflicted a fourth wound in the abdomen. When discovered he was bleeding profusely, and Dr. Arthur Wilson and Dr. J. Field Hall, who, residing in the same street, were at once on the spot, and rendered every assistance. The reason assigned is that Kent was suffering from the effects of a drinking. From inquiries made this morning we are to learn that he is going on well under the care of the gentlemen named.

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