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Mr. F. Lewis

Accident—A heavy cart horse, belonging to Mrs. Lewis, the White Hart Inn, Wymington, was on Monday drawing a load of bricks down Wellingborough-road, and when near Mr. Austin’s “Shine Easy” factory the animal unfortunately slipped a distance of about six yards, and then fell. One of its hind legs was badly lacerated.  Mr. F. Lewis, grandson of the owner of the horse, who was in charge of the cart at the time, had a very narrow escape. When the horse fell, the shaft of the cart caught Mr. Lewis’s leg, and he was drawn under the vehicle. Several motor cyclists who were passing at the time rendered all possible assistance, and other people gave valuable aid. Mr. Lewis was extricated from his position, happily without suffering any injury. No damage was done to the cart, but the animal was so badly hurt that Mr. Chettle, whose assistance was soon obtained, advised that the animal be slaughtered forthwith, and this course was adopted. Mrs. Lewis and Mr. F. Lewis desire to express their sincere thanks to all who rendered assistance.

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