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The Rushden Argus January 6th 1922, transcribed by Susan Manton
Roland Magee
A Singular Accident
Rushden Child Scalded whilst Looking at Newspaper Pictures

A regrettable accident which occurred on Saturday afternoon resulted in Roland Magee, the 2½ year old only son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Magee, of 33, Sartoris Road Rushden, being badly scalded, but we were informed on Monday evening that the little fellow was making splendid progress.

It appears that the child was sitting in a chair opposite his father and looking at the pictures at the back of the paper his parent was reading. He was leaning with one arm resting on the top of the fire-guard, and it seems he slipped and his arm caught the spout of the kettle, which had just been set on the hob.

The kettle tumbled forward and the boiling water fell over the child as he slipped off his chair, scalding him severely on the neck, shoulders and chest. It was extremely fortunate that Dr. Muriset happened to be in the street at the time, and in a few minutes the unlucky little boy’s scalds had been thoroughly attended to.

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