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Accident 1918
Rushden Echo, 19th April 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Accident—We are sorry to report that Mr. George Martin, secretary of the Rushden Coffee Tavern Company, met with a nasty accident last Tuesday week at midday. It appears that he had left Messrs. William Claridge’s factory, where he is employed, with the intension of going home to his dinner, when he was swept off the pavement by a cyclist who, having evidently lost control of his machine, came down Skinner’s-hill at a furious rate. Mr. Martin was thrown violently down, and was rendered unconscious, in which condition he remained for over an hour. Fortunately Mr. Martin’s injuries were confined to a slight cut on the head and severe bruises about the body, especially the right shoulder. He was taken into Mr. John Claridge’s home. Since the accident Mr. Martin has been confined to the house, but is progressing as satisfactorily as can be expected.

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