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Mr. Walter Moore

Wellingborough News, 4th March 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

ACCIDENT—On Friday last, as Mr. Moore, carpenter, was superintending the loading of some timber, the pieces of wood that were put on to the timber carriages to roll the trees on to the carriages proved unsound and broke, letting a tree fall on to the legs of Mr. Moore and a lad who was assisting him, named Willmott, severely injuring Mr. Moore, and fracturing the lad's legs very badly. The latter, however, have been set, and the boy is progressing favourably, but, unfortunately, Mr. Moore's injuries were of such a nature that it was necessary to amputate one leg between the knee and ankle. We understand, however, that he is progressing as favourably as possible.

Note: Sadly Walter died - click here to read the inquest.

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