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Rushden Echo, September 14th 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins
Walter Richardson

Motor Accident—Happily not causing serious personal injuries, and accident occurred on Monday about noon at the bottom of Queen-street. A lad named Walter Richardson, of 91 Portland-road, Rushden, was cycling down Queen-street, and was making for the railway direction. A vehicle was passing Mr. G. W. Battersby’s shop, going towards the church, and Richardson rode round the front of it to turn to the right. At the same time a motor-car, driven by Miss A. E. Corby, of “The Beeches,” Rushden, also going towards the church, came along on the right of the vehicle. Neither the cyclist nor the motorist had seen each other approaching owing to the vehicle between them. The result was that the cyclist ran into the motor. The bicycle was buckled, and the rider knocked off and bruised about the legs. Miss Coby, being an expert driver, pulled the car up in half its length, or the lad would have been run over. Miss Corby motored the injured cyclist to a doctor’s surgery, where he received attention.

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