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Rushden Echo, 10th January 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins
A Runaway Horse
Dashes into a Shop Window

A horse belonging to the Midland Railway Company, attached to a trolley laden with boxes, was standing outside the factory of Mr. Skeeles, Fitzwilliam-street, Rushden, on Wednesday afternoon, when it became frightened and bolted down the hill at a rapid pace. On reaching the bottom of the hill the horse tried to turn the corner to the right, but was unable to do so, and dashed with great force into the window of Mr. Hollis, baker. The window consists of six panes of glass, the whole of which were broken, and the woodwork was smashed into splinters. It was with great difficulty that the horse was extricated from the dangerous position. The horse was somewhat seriously injured.

Mr. Hollis’s little son had a somewhat narrow escape. Only a few minutes before the accident he was sitting on a board just inside the window playing with a drawing-board. He had only just left the shop when the horse came crashing through the window on to the board where he had been at play.

Mr. Hollis’s window has been smashed in several times before in trap and cycle accidents.

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