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Rushden Echo, 5th May 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins
Commandant G. R. Turner

G R TurnerA Nasty Accident occurred to Commandant G. R. Turner whilst in the course of his duties in connection with the Rushden Company Volunteer Force on Tuesday night. He had been called out in consequence of a Zeppelin raid and had warned the Fire Brigade (of which he is 2nd officer). Then he proceeded to the Volunteer Guard room at the rear of the Queen Victoria Hotel. The night was pitch black and whilst proceeding to the Hotel to get the guard room key he fell down a flight of about half a dozen stone steps leading into the hotel area, and sustained nasty injuries to the head. We regret to say that he has two or three bad cuts above the left eye, which is extensively blackened. Commandant Turner was picked up by Sergt. Wood and Corpl. Litchfield who were following behind, and conveyed into the hotel where efficient first aid was rendered him by Mr. S. Evans, son of the proprietor. He was then taken to his home by Mr. W. H. Moody, and on Wednesday morning was attended by Dr. Greenfield. We are pleased to report that Commandant Turner is making satisfactory progress.

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