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Rushden Argus, 16th October 1903, transcribed by Greville Watson

A Collision

At noon on Thursday a collision occurred between two traps, which quickly attracted a crowd of people to the High-street.  It appears that Mrs. Wadsworth, of the Bedford Hotel, Souldrop, and formerly stewardess at the Working Men’s Club, was driving with two children in a small trap in the direction of the church, and when just passed the Coffee Tavern was run into by a trap coming round the turn by the church.  In this trap, also a light one, were two men, Mr. William Storey, horse dealer, Towcester, and a man named Nicholls.  The two vehicles came into collision with considerable force, with the result that the shafts and harness were interlaced and one of the children was thrown out and under the trap.  Fortunately, however, all escaped without serious injury, though the harness of Mrs. Wadsworth’s horse was badly damaged.  Nicholls got out of the trap, and when Mr. H. H. Newman, of Kettering, who was drawn from the Coffee Tavern by hearing the crash, made the remark that one of the men was drunk, he offered to fight that gentleman, and caused considerable disturbance.  PC Evans happened to be by the church at the time, whilst PC Knighton was also quickly on the scene.  As the driver appeared to be too much under the influence of drink to continue in charge of the horse, he was removed to the police station.

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