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Rushden Echo, 23rd April 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mr. Whittemore’s Narrow Escape
Alarming Accident at Rushden

Mr. F. Whittemore, farmer, of High-street South, had an almost miraculous escape from being crushed to death by a roller on Monday. He had been at work on his farm during the morning, rolling the land. At mid-day a fresh horse was attached to the roller, which weighs about half-a-ton, and Mr. Whittemore was going homeward with the horse which he had been working in the morning, leaving the fresh horse and the roller in charge of his son. Suddenly the fresh horse became startled and bolted, dragging the roller after it. Mr. Whittemore at once went to render assistance in stopping the frightened animal, when either the shaft or the horse caught him in the chest, knocking him down.

The roller passed over him, from his feet to his head, severely bruising him and breaking some of his teeth. Mr. Whittemore was lying on his side; had he been lying on his back or his face it seems impossible to believe that he could have escaped with his life. Wonderful to relate, no bones were broken, but Mr. Whittemore is suffering from severe shock.

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