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Woodman Injured - Mr T Mole

Rushden Echo, 4th March 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

Woodman Injured

Whilst engaged on felling and lopping trees on Monday afternoon in a field between Spencer Park and Kimbolton Road, belonging to Mr. R. Marriott, Mr. T. Mole met with a serious injury to his chin. The last of the trees, in falling, had one branch held down by another. Not noticing the lower branch being held back like a spring, Mr. Mole cut the upper one with his axe. Immediately the lower branch was released and struck him on the chin with such force that he was knocked down half senseless. His mate and Mr. Marriott ran to his assistance and he was at once conveyed to the doctor’s. Teeth were knocked out, the flesh on front of the jaw was cut to the bone, and splinters of wood were embedded. The wound was cleaned and stitched up and the patient conveyed home. His progress is naturally slow.

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