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Rushden Echo & Argus, 4th June 1948, transcribed by Kay Collins
Farm Visit 1948

300 Visit Rushden Farm
The highly mechanised Rushden farm—Higham Park—was chosen by the National Agricultural Advisory Service for a silage demonstration and farm walk.

Held by permission of Messrs. W. G. Holt and Sons, the demonstrations took two hours. Attendance was beyond all expectations, there being a record crowd of 300 spectators, some from as far afield as Ware, in Herts.

A valuable herd of Friesians was greatly admired, as was the pedigree bull "Lawford Elbum," which cost 200gns. as a yearling.

Mr. R. M. Deakins, B.Sc., the Grassland Advisory Officer, was the speaker, and the mechanical means of making silage (cattle food) for dairy stock was explained. Mr. W. A. N. Wilde, the district officer for the National Agricultural Executive Committee, conducted the farm walk; Mr. W. S. Holt gave a talk on the mechanical side of farm work; and Mr. H. G. Holt on pedigree cows and the use of silage.

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