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The Rushden Echo, 6th March, 1925

Fire at Higham Park Farm


Fire broke out on Saturday evening on premises at Higham Park, but was fortunately confined to a large shed used for storing engines and machinery. Mrs. Wood, a cottager living on Messrs. Holt Bros.’ Farm, saw the fire and warned Mr. W. G. Holt, who at once telephoned to Rushden Fire Station. The Brigade quickly turned out and soon covered the two-and-a-half miles with the motor tender towing the steamer.

The threshing drum in use in about 1920
  The Brigade found a threshing-drum and the woodwork on a Foden steam Waggon blazing fiercely in the shed. A good supply of water was obtained from a large pond, and the fire was soon under control. Mr. Holt and employees had been throwing water on until the arrival of the Brigade. That and the fact that the shed was of brick walls and concrete roof kept the fire from spreading. There were stacks and farm buildings near, but fortunately they were wet from recent rains.

  The damage, partly covered by insurance, includes the destruction of a threshing-drum, the Foden steam wagon was rendered unserviceable, and the roof of the shed was sunk. The cause of the fire is unknown but, as the shed was being used on Saturday afternoon, it is believed that a cigarette may have been carelessly thrown away somewhere near the shed and have ignited inflammable material. Captain R. F. Knight and Second Officer W. Packwood, although not at home at the time the call was received, were soon communicated with, and they were on the scene early, in charge of the full Brigade, returning at 10 p.m.

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