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Alfred Street
East side - from Church Street

The house shop built in 1889
The house and shop on the corner of Alfred Street and Church Street in 1905
of Mr J S Clipson.

He installed the first telephone here,
and was given No 1. At the rear several workshops where John would invent, and create various items, many for use in the shoetrade.

Photograph courtesy Mr Copperwheat

in 2018
The rear of the premises in poor state and the house boarded up in 2008.....
..... and in 2018 still empty, with holes in the roof.

Rear of No 2 - viewed from walk-way through to High Street are the workshops now derelict (2018)
A view of the workshops where John invented
equipment for use in the shoe trade.
The privvies close to the walk-way

In 2008 a fire occurred in the walk-way

A walk-way through to High Street is next on the east side is known as
Coffee Tavern Place and a second walk-way through the NatWest car park.

Car park area for the NatWest Bank
between no 6 and Ventnor House
Nos. 4 & 6 - Two villa houses built about 1890
No 4 was the home of A T Nichols
Mind Charity was in No 4 and Waterwise at No 6 in 2000

Ventnor House
No 10 Alfred Street

Sometime the home of
Mr Frank Tassell

Ventnor House
name plaque

Now part of Rushden Graphics, with No. 12 (right), this long brick building was formerly a garage for Neville's coach.
at No 12 - former site of a coach house and stable for John Cave.
Amos Cave started a waterproof leather company here.

Building the Palace cinema The shop
Constructing the Palace stage area in 1910
Frank Wills' beer house

north end of the street
In the distance is the Post Office of 1940 in College Street.
At the corner the side of Ritz Cinema - now Flutters Bingo.
The white building - formerly the Palace Cinema stage area
and later Palace Motors garage, now flats.
Land between the Ritz and the old Palace is
cleared but shows large brick walls bounding the plots of some High Street buildings. (2018)
Where Cave's factory stood before the 1901 fire.

West side - from Church Street

The Olive Branch cafe is run by the Salvation Army,
and stands on the former site of W H Darnell

An aerial photograph of Alfred Street terraced houses from the rear, and Palace Motors in John Street.

Frank Wills' beerhouse - later Rushden School of Motoring. Rushden Graphics recently left this property
and moved (2018) to the other side of road.
At the far right is a walk-way to John Street.

Alfred Street School
Alfred Street School was damaged by a bomb in 1940
A Blue Plaque was affixed on the 70th Anniversary

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