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Blackberrying 1926

Wednesday, September 22nd

Went to get blackberries up Bedford road. Peg & myself put our bikes in Mr Chas Smith’s garden at corner house, Wymington-Bedford road, about a mile from Rushden. We then walked down Wymington lane, into field near farm buildings down by hedge past the buildings, along hedge bottom of grass field close to 40 Foot lane, up another hedge. Got about four pounds each. We arrived there at 2.15, stayed till four, got bikes & had tea in Music room after Peg had given boy pupil his lesson.

Thursday, September 23rd

Blackberrying again, started at 10.30, took sandwiches, banana, biscuits & spruce. Left bikes again at Mr Smith, corner house, went across 2 fields (down Wymington lane) to 2nd field from farm buildings. Peg got about 8 pounds and I got about 6. It was very hot yesterday (Wednesday), fine today, bit cooler, not cold. We saw the Whittemores, the farmers who gave us permission to go, started home at four o’clock. We sat down by hedge side in field (with a house and old barn opposite – across the 40 Foot lane). Our berries were heavy, but we managed them on our bikes. Peg took hers home then came down & had tea with me in Music Room. Then I gave one of my boy pupils (Cherry) a lesson. Peg went for walk with her friend, I went down as far as Station & back to Coffee Tavern, cup of tea. Evening paper, went in Library & then home, tired. I am writing this here at 9 p.m., very tired. Joseph Enos Smith, 22 Church St.

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