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Commemoration Plaques
Plaque to Co-op Members
It was erected at the main office building of the Co-operative Society, to commemorate those Rushden members who gave their lives on active service in the Second World War.

[it is now situated in the Council Buildings]
In the course of a year there must be thousands of people who walk by this plaque but do not notice it.
Plaque for the Co-op Men

When the Co-op office building was demolished, the Roll of Honour was removed to the Council Buildings. It is a shame that it is tucked away in such an inconspicuous place, so as not to be noticed by local people and visitors alike.

In 2016 this was removed to Rushden Museum

Co-op Roll of Honour
Plaque to the pupils memory
Plaque to Children of Alfred Street School
killed by enemy action is situated in the school.

This is a simple, but poignant memorial to the seven children who lost their lives so tragically on the 3rd October in 1940, in an
air raid that did much damage in Rushden.

Memorial garden at Alfred Street School
Part of the Memorial Garden made as a
further memorial to those children.

A plaque was laid in the garden at the
School by the Mayor, Sue Homer, in 2006.

1981 The Prince & Princess of Wales Marriage

This plaque is in the entrance to Rushden Town Council's offices at Rushden Hall.

It reads "The Restoration of Rushden Hall was completed in the year of the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer".

Plaque commemorating the completion of the Hall restoration 1981

Golden Jubilee of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II - 2002

A sundial was first erected in the flower bed where the bandstand once stood. Following complaints that the inscription on the dial could not be read without climbing into the flower bed, the dial was removed to the herbaceous border by the walled garden. The memorial plaque remains on the flower bed wall.

The plaque on the flower bed wall The flower bed
Plaque to Commemorate
The Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty
The sundial
Sundial standing by the walled garden
The plaque
The plaque on the wall of the flower bed that was built where the bandstand once stood.
The top of the sundial
Written inside the time ring on the top of the sun dial is :

Make time, save time While time lasts
All time is no time
When time is past

The 60th anniversary of the ending of WWII.

This plaque is on Rushden A6 by-pass and was dedicated on 10th July 2005.

'Liberty Way' - This by-pass is named 'Liberty Way' in tribute to the 1,600 American servicemen who lost their lives during World War II flying from Podington and Chelveston USAAF Bases close to this location.

RAF Podington was originally built for use as an R.A.F. Bomber Station, but the main occupants were the American 92nd Bombardment Group who arrived in September 1943. Known as “Fame's Favoured Few” their first mission from Podington was on 23rd September and 308 missions were completed to the end of the war. One of the 92nd Bombardment Group’s claim to fame is that they flew the secret Disney rocket bomb experimental missions early in 1945. The Group also lost 154 Flying Fortresses whilst at Podington, with each aircraft having a crew of 10 men. With the same number of personnel at this airfield, the impact of the American involvement in this area on the local population was quite unique.

305th Bomb Group Chelveston - R.A.F. Chelveston was built in 1941, and the American 305th Bombardment Group moved in to the base in September 1942. Known as the "Can Do" Group, they completed 337 missions suffering their heaviest loss on 14th October 1943 raid to Schweinfurt, when they lost 13 B-17s of the 18 taking off from Chelveston. Many times, the aircraft would take off from the airfield in the early hours on their raids over Germany. At the peak of their time at Chelveston, there were as many as 2,894 men stationed there. They were to lose 154 Flying Fortresses during their time at this important base and it is essential that their missions are not forgotten.

The picture hanging inside the foyer
Note: A copy of this information and plaque is framed at Rushden Town Council Offices, Rushden Hall, in the foyer.
'Liberty Way'
Memorial Plaque
Unveiled on April 27th 2006
Rushden Town Mayor
Councillor Sue Homer
Colonel Jack L Jones
423rd Base Group (USAFE)
Liberty Way unveiled 2006

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