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The Rushden Echo, 26th June 1964, transcribed by Gill and Jim Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
Debts & Assets 1964

Rushden owes £2 million and owns two shops

How much do you know about the town in which you live? Did you know, for instance, that Rushden Urban Council owed nearly £2 million on various things at the end of March?

Here are some more interesting facts and figures, about Rushden collated only once a year.

The product of a 1d rate is £2,640, and the rateable value is £645,114.

The rateable value per person is £36 15s 7d.

The council’s outstanding loans are: housing £1,727,595; cemetery £1,168; highways and lighting £73,948; parks £14,110; baths £483; sewerage and sewage disposal £102,414; other purposes £8,452; a total of £1,928,170.

50 Prefabs

There are 50 “prefabs” owned by the council in the town.

There are 6,370 houses, of which 1,771 are council owned.

They stand on 12.12 miles of classified road, and 19.08 miles of district road.

The council owns two shops, acquired in 1955.

The council bought its offices in 1906, and the library was bought the previous year.

In 1928 the council bought the swimming pool.

There are six parks and open spaces, and five children’s playgrounds.

Council allotments total 7.1 acres.

The four off-street council car parks cover 1,905 acres. Two of them are in Rectory Road and two in Duck Street.

Among the council’s equipment are an eight-ton diesel roller and a 50-cwt petrol one, two lorries of five tons and three tons, and a tractor.

The population is 17,540, living on 3,777.5 acres; and 12,346 can vote in elections.

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