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The Wellingborough News, 5th April, 1895, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

Last night. Present :- Messrs. W. H. Wilkins (chairman), J. Claridge (vice-chairman), Fred Knight, Paul Cave, Geo. Denton, John Spencer, H. Brawn, A. Cave, and G. S. Mason (clerk).

COMMITTEES – A meeting of the Plan and Water Committee was reported, at which plans for a house in Glassbrook-road were reported, but were referred back on account of faulty drainage arrangements. Plans for two houses on Rushden Hill were passed, as were also buildings for the Rushden Steam Laundry Company, in Allen-road, and amended plans of buildings for Mr. C. Bayes. – It was decided at a meeting of the Highway Committee held on the same evening, to advertise for tenders for the letting of the Oak pits, for one or three years, that the wages of the lamplighters be increased to 1s. 6d. per night. Quotations were also presented by the surveyor for granite and slag, and it was decided to procure quantities, as follows :- Granite : 600 tons from the Growby Co., at 8s. 10d. per ton; 500 tons from the Mount Sorrel Co., at 10s.; and 500 tons from the Cliff Hill Co., at 9s. 3d. Slag : 500 tons of 1¾in. from the Kettering Iron Co., at 4s.; and 500 tons of 1¾in from Messrs. Butlin, at 4s. 6d. per ton. – The recommendations of the Committees were adopted.

APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS – On the proposition of Mr. Denton, seconded by Mr. Brawn, it was decided to appoint Messrs. Wilkins and Claridge as overseers; and, on the motion of the Chairman, it was also resolved that the whole of the Council act as a Rating Committee.

ASSESSORS OF TAXES – Mr. Knight proposed that Mr. Wilkins and Mr. Sargent be nominated as assessors of taxes, the proposition being seconded by Mr. John Claridge and carried.

The Wellingborough News, 19th April, 1895


Thursday, April 18. – Present : Messrs. W. H. Wilkins (chairman), J. Claridge, Geo. Denton, P. Cave, T. Bromage, J. Spencer, A. Cave, F. Knight, J. S. Clipson, G. H. Skinner, G. S. Mason (clerk), and W. Pare (surveyor).

ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN AND VICE-CHAIRMAN – The Chairman said the first business of the meeting was the election of Chairman and Vice-chairman. Personally they might proceed with that without any fear of hurting his feelings, for he should prefer some one else to do the work. – Mr. Denton thought there could be but one opinion as to who should fill that position, and he proposed his re-election. – Mr. Spencer would like to ask Mr. Wilkins, as a magistrate, if he had used his influence in bringing the large number of police into the town. – The Chairman : None at all. – Mr. Spencer : Thank you; I have much pleasure in supporting Mr. Wilkins. – Mr. Clipson seconded, and it was carried. – For the office of Vice-chairman, Mr. Wilkins proposed, and Mr. A. Cave seconded the re-election of Mr. Claridge. – Mr. Spencer would be glad if Mr. Claridge had been at that meeting, in order that he might ask him the same question. He thought the presence of so many police totally unnecessary, considering the good behaviour of the place, and the large number of men out of work, to whom the introduction of so many police was simply irritating. – Mr. Denton rather differed with Mr. Spencer, and was of opinion that the presence of an extra force had been instrumental in keeping good order, for previously there had been one case of lawlessness. – Mr. Spencer said there was only one case of disorder, that at Messrs. Hewitt and Noble’s, which was a trivial affair. – Mr. Claridge here entered, and Mr. Spencer put the same question to him as he had previously put to the Chairman, and Mr. Claridge, like the Chairman, denied having any share in the matter, which, it was explained, was the action of the Chief Constable. At the same time, Mr. Claridge agreed with Mr. Denton that the presence of extra police had had a restraining influence, and this idea was also shared by Mr. Paul Cave. Mr. Denton incidentally mentioned that even that day the looting of bakers’ shops had been talked of. – Mr. Spencer : Only for starving men. If property had a right to protection, men had a right to protection, and their wages ought to be protected. Men had a right to live. (Hear, hear.) – Mr. Denton said as law-abiding artisans the law must be maintained – that was if they recognised law at all. Of course, if they were all anarchists and extreme socialists it altered the case. – The Chairman thought they were opening up a wide subject; but at all events he and others thought that the time had come when their presence was no longer necessary. – Mr. Spencer said he felt very strongly on the subject, and thought it his duty to speak on the matter; but if he had exceeded his duty in asking Mr. Claridge the question he was sorry, as he had always had the greatest respect for him. – On the vote being put Mr. Claridge was elected to the vice-chair with unanimity.

COMMITTEES – It was reported that at a meeting of the Plan and Water Committee plans were presented and passed for two houses in Hayway-road for Mrs. Baines, and passed subject to a separate drain for each house; also for additions to Mr. Henry Bull’s factory in Harboro-park, and for two houses for Mrs. M. A. Lilley in Moor-road. – The Highway and Lighting Committee had also met, and it was resolved that the door plates ordered not proving up to sample, fresh prices and samples should be obtained; also that the clerk’s land be fenced in the same manner as that recently enclosed in Park-road. – On the appointment of committees coming on, it was decided that with the addition of the vice-chairman to all committees, and Mr. T. Wilmott to the Plan Committee, all these various sections of the Council stand as before.

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