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The Rushden Echo, 27th April 1900, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

The annual meeting was held on Wednesday night, there being present Councillors F. Knight (chairman), George Denton (vice-chairman), J. Spencer, G. Fountain, J. S. Clipson, W. H. Wilkins, G. Miller, G. H. Skinner, T. Swindall, and W. Bazeley (new member), Mr. G. S. Mason (clerk), and Mr. W. B. Madin (surveyor).

The Chairmanship

Mr. F. Knight was unanimously re-elected chairman for the ensuing year, and Mr. G. Denton vice-chairman.


Messrs. Denton, Wilkins, Skinner, and Spencer were re-elected the committee to assist the overseers for assessment purposes.

Mr. Skinner said he did not see why Rushden should not have four overseers. Irthlingborough and other places much smaller than Rushden had four, while at Rushden they had only three.

The usual committees were re-elected, Mr. Bazeley taking the place of Mr. Mortimer.

Messrs. Skinner, Swindall, and Bazeley were appointed a Sewage Farm Committee.


occupied the attention of the Council for a considerable time.

The Clerk said that they stood nearly £1,000 better off on March 31st 1900, than 12 months before.

The Council considered this very satisfactory.

An Agreement

was entered into with the Midland Railway Co. for the erection of a public urinal adjoining the railway bridge in High-street.

Water Supply

It was decided to write to the engineer calling his attention to the fact that the making of the well on the Bedford-road was not proceeding as rapidly as the Council thought it should do, and urging that more rapid progress should be made.


Permission was granted for the erection of telephone wires from Messrs. Denton’s factory to the Lightstrung Cycle Company’s premises and also to the Machine Joinery Works.

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