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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 17th April, 1942, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council
Mumps Danger
Rushden Doctor Criticises School Authorities

The Medical Officer to Rushden Urban Council, at the meeting of that authority on Wednesday, criticised the action of education authorities who insist that when a child has mumps children living in the same house should continue to go to school.

It was the annual meeting of the Council and about five minutes after the opening Coun. W. J. Sawford was presiding as the new chairman and five minutes later Coun. A. F. Weale sat at his left-hand as vice-chairman.

The outgoing chairman was Coun. T. W. Cox, who proposed Mr. Sawford as his successor and declared that all were satisfied that he was a right and fitting person for the office.

Seconding, Coun. Capon expressed confidence that Mr. Sawford would bring to bear on the work all the dignity, ability and enthusiasm which had been characteristics of past chairmen.

Coun. Spencer described the nominee as “practically always good-tempered.” Every former chairman, he believed, had done his very best for the town and Mr. Sawford, too, would help Rushden to the utmost.

After a unanimous vote Coun. Cox welcomed the new chairman and assured him that in serving the community in these hectic times he could rely upon the co-operation of his colleagues and the officers. They knew he would be equal to any emergency but they hoped that the greatest event for him would be the announcement of peace.

Of Rushden Stock

Mr. Sawford replied that he realised his responsibilities and the importance of the position, but he saw no reason why the business of the Council should not proceed as smoothly as formerly. He was born in Rushden – a fact in which he took pride – and had witnessed the progress of the town from a rural area to a busy spot on the industrial map. He looked forward to having the honour of announcing the peace declaration.

Proposing Mr. Weale as vice-chairman, Coun. Richardson said he remembered the time when he was promoted from Ordinary Seaman to Able Seaman (in the Royal Naval Division during the last war), and at that time he did not dream of the promotion of a sublimer character for which he was destined. They could not choose a vice-chairman who had greater ability or was held in greater respect in the town.

Coun. Allebone, who seconded raised smiles by the earnestness with which he advised Mr. Weale to familiarise himself with Standing Orders. Those who smiled were probably thinking of the last meeting when Mr. Allebone claimed that Mr. Weale was “out of order.”

“Everybody here knows Mr. Weale’s service to the town in both peace and war,” said Mrs. Muxlow.

In his reply after being elected Coun. Weale said he hoped Coun. Sawford would have the duty of declaring the victory and the peace that they were all so anxiously waiting and working for.

Fallow Land

The Housing Committee report mentioned that on the advice of a representative of the War Agricultural Committee the spare land on the Newton-road estate, which had been ploughed, would not be cropped this season.

Coun. Roe suggested that this was contrary to the Government’s policy but Coun. Cox explained that in the expert’s view, the land would not be of much use this year and would be all the better for lying fallow this season. In view of the fact that the land was ploughed too late for cropping last year it was agreed that tenancy of the Irchester-road plot should be free of rent until March 31st, 1943.

It was reported that owing to the shortage of labour Messrs. A. Sanders Ltd., could construct only three of the five static water supply basins. The contract for the other two had been given to Mr. Robert Marriott.

The Eastern National Bus Company wrote that they were unable to provide a shelter for passengers near the Wheatsheaf Hotel, as suggested by the Council.

Approval was given to the proposed diversion of a footpath from Grange Farm to Ditchford, but Coun. Spencer put in a word for the proper preservation of field footpaths “so that people can have a good walk.” He recently walked from Irchester-road to Ditchford-lane, he said, and found the path very difficult to negotiate.

Mumps Danger

Coun. Spencer referred to the Medical Officer’s report (given to the Health Committee) that the health of the town was satisfactory, and asked whether, in view of the epidemic of mumps, the position was in fact satisfactory.

“If it is not,” replied Dr. Davies, “it is partly due, I think, to the education authorities. They insist that when a child has mumps other children living in the same house should continue to go to school.”

Though the question has not yet been settled, the Health Committee preferred the Council’s Newton-road depot to the First Aid Post as a place for the future treatment of scabies and typhus.

Of 13 milk specimens tested under the Clean Milk Production Scheme only six were “satisfactory.”

Salvage Stewards

Mrs. Muxlow reported that the W.V.S. had appointed 71 street salvage stewards, who had already begun to function.

Dr. Davies said the amount of paper collected last month (14 tons 13 cwt.) was larger than usual. Other salvage items reported by the surveyor (Mr. J. W. Lloyd) included 9 cwt. of bones, 2 tons 3 cwt. light iron, 1 ton 8 cwt. wet bagging, 1 ton 16 cwt. kitchen waste and 40 dozen bottles and jars. The estimated value was £68.

The possibility that a whole-time assistant would be required in connection with the new Fuel Rationing Order was mentioned by the Finance Committee.

When the Clerk (Mr. W. L. Beetenson) announced that 100 unaccompanied children would arrive on Thursday as evacuees Dr. Davies asked if they would be examined at Rushden by the Medical Officer. The Clerk replied that Dr. McCracken would examine them at Wellingborough.

The Clerk mentioned that arrangements had already been made for 60 of the children to be billeted on a voluntary basis.

The Clerk announced that applications had been received for 275 shelters. There were still 19 left.

Couns. George, Green and Waring were re-elected to the Wellingborough Guardians Committee.

The Council accepted an invitation to attend the Hospital Sunday parade, to the Independent Wesleyan Church on May 3rd.

Members in attendance were Couns. W. J. Sawford, T. W. Cox, A. F. Weale, A. H. Bailey, J. Roe, A. Allebone, J.P., C.C., F. Green, J.P., Mrs. O. A. H. Muxlow, W. E. Capon, J. George, J. Spencer, J.P., J. H. J. Paragreen, H. Waring, E. A. Sugars, J.P., J. T. Richardson, T. J. Swindall and Dr. R. W. Davies.

An apology for non-attendance was received from Coun. J. Allen.

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