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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 22nd April 1949, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Urban District Council

£1,500 Cost of Road Repair

A decision to put Cromwell Road in order following the upheaval caused by trenching operations was made by Rushden Urban Council at its meeting last week.

The need for extensive works in Cromwell Road has been discussed by the Highways Committee, who recommended the re-surfacing of the carriageway and footpaths and the re-laying of the kerb. This is estimated to cost £1,500, against which a contribution of £400 would be received for re-instating the trenches.

The Surveyor was instructed to prepare a scheme accordingly.

Councillor E. A. Sugars said that the kerbs and pathways generally were very bad indeed.

Councillor J. Roe: If you come up Victoria Road, you will find another one.

The Highways Committee has asked the Surveyor to make representations to the County Council as to the urgent need for repair in Rushden High Street.

Trees Damaged

It was complained that trees planted in verges adjoining highways have been removed or damaged very quickly after planting. The Highways Committee expressed the hope that ratepayers would co-operate in putting a stop to this mischief.

Councillor Sugars said the Council tried to beautify the estate. They regretted the damage very much indeed and would like the tenants to do their utmost to preserve the trees and shrubs.

To cover excess costs, the Council decided to ask permission to raise supplemental loans of £520 for housing site works in Park Road and £2,820 for erection of 24 houses on the Higham Road site.

A loan of £31,675 will be required for the erection of 24 houses in Headingley Road.

The Clerk reported that a claim amounting to £703, plus a rehabilitation allowance of three months’ rent, and surveyor’s fees, had been received from the owners of the premises formerly used as a civic restaurant. The claim has been forwarded to the district valuer, who will negotiate for a settlement.

It was reported that the Charity Commission would now agree to the transfer of the Sartoris almshouses in accordance with the original suggestion. The Clerk stated that he had asked the Ministry of Health for consent to Council’s acceptance of the property.

Councillor W. E. Capon said the members would all be glad that the houses were to come over to the Council at last.

A Council house tenant at whose house a fire occurred recently has asked for exemption from rent during the period that he was unable to reside on the premises. The Housing Committee declined the application.

Building Plans

Building plans included the following:- Public house, Queen Street, Charles Wells, Ltd., Bedford; conversion of 58, Station Road, into two flats, Messrs. Bignells, Ltd.; canteen and cloak rooms, Duck Street, John Cave and Sons, Ltd.; garage, 48, Park Ave., Mr. A. Greasley; scullery, etc., 95, St Margaret’s Ave., Mr. G. T. Okey; garage, Cresswell Road, Mr. P. R. Coles; garage off Cromwell Road, Mr. S. A. Jolly; tool shed, 120, Washbrook Road, Mr. C. F. Nicholson; scullery at “Loreno,” Avenue Road, Mr. R. A. Skinner; bay window, 10, Church Street, Mrs. A. Buttling; conversion of stable, Newton Road, RICS, Ltd; bungalow, St Mary’s Avenue, Mr. G. Bollard; bathroom, Bedford Road, Messrs. Campbell Praed and Co., Ltd.; bedroom and scullery, 96, St. Margaret’s Avenue, Mr. R. D. Clarke; house, 90, Hall Avenue, Mr. J. Burgess; garage, 35, Upper Queen Street, Mr. E. F. Lyne; garage, 122, Wymington Road, Mr. J. A. Brawn; filling and service station, Kimbolton Road, Mr. H. R. Couzens; bathroom, 27, Grove Road, Mrs. A. E. Holman; conservatory, 14, Link Road, Mr. A. R. Garley; conservatory, 16, Link Road, Mr. G. Longstaffe; house, 18, Link Road, Mr. G. W. Brace; bungalow, 45, Upper queen Street, Mr. W. G. Harris; garage, “Highbury,” Irchester Road, Mr. C. J. Potton; bathroom, 32, Oakley Road, Mrs. Fletton; conversion of factory to dairy, 42, Griffith Street, Mr. D. C. Summerfield; alteration to canteen, Station Road, B. Denton and Son, Ltd.; garage 33, Park Avenue, Mr. B. F. Dilks.

The tender of Messrs. Derek Couch, Ltd. at £1,499, for road and sewer work on the Headingley Road housing site, was accepted subject to Government approval.

The Council sealed a rate of 9s 3d in the £ for the half year.

The cleaning and overhaul of St. Mary’s Church clock is to be carried out at the Council’s expense.

Twelve births and 22 deaths were reported. Disease cases included four pneumonia.

Members present were:- Messrs. J. H. J. Paragreen (chairman), W. E. Capon ( vice chairman), F. E. Brown, J. Roe, A. H. Bailey, T. W. Cox, F. Green, R. E. B. Sargent, A.F.C., J. Allen, A. F. Weale, G. Knight, H. Waring, W. J. Sawford, E. A. Sugars, J. T. Richardson, Mrs. Rowthorn, and Mrs. O. A. H. Muxlow.

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